L&C Continues to Improve Upon Electronic Documents

Lord & Company has a long history of creativity, so to no one’s surprise we continue to improve upon the standards created in 1982.


Lord & Company was one of the first System Integrators in our market to use electronic documents; if not the first.  We were able to see the advantages of electronic documents and leverage them in our market.  At first championing electronic documentation appeared to be an uphill battle. Over the course of time L&C continued to educate and show the advantages of electronic documentation. This is now recognized  by end users, contractors, and engineers.  The tide has turned and we see our market not only accepting electronic documents but preferring them.


So Lord & Company announces our new Electronic Document Holder. The new document holder highlights Lord & Company’s strengths in the market.  The New Electronic Document Holder has received high reviews from our clients.  Some of the comments; “Very Professional”, “Looks Great”, “The best looking that I have seen..” just to mention a few.


Lord & Company continues to improve upon established standards, so that we are able to adjust, change, and improve.  Our adaptability allows Lord & Company to do custom work across many new markets.


Lord & Company sends a special thanks to Ben Huffstickler – Design Team Member; Carrie Missaggia – Graphic Artist. They are the key personnel who worked on the New Electronic Document Holder.


Lord & Company has always taken pride in our documentation and we believe that it has been a key to our success in the market place.  Change seems to be a way of life in our market. We must always seek to be in front of the change by planning, preparing and listening to our clients and those around us.


I appreciate you taking the time to read about another Lord & Company success story. I need to leave for now and head to a Brain Storming Meeting that could just be the next LC success story.


Respectfully Submitted:

Tom Carico – PMP

Lord & Company, Inc.  CD Holder

Perseverance, Repeat; Perseverance, Repeat: An 18 Year Journey of Excellence

Perseverance Word Circle Concept18 years ago Lord & Company did one of its first projects in the Carolinas for the City Havelock, NC.  I doubt anyone with the City knows of the impact this project had on the company financially. The City had no fault in the losses. In short it was a resounding financial disaster.  The profit from the project was close to (-100%).  That’s right we lost as much money on the project as the original project value. You may be able to find some folks with the City who remember that we still did our best work on their project.  Through the years L&C consistently strives to deliver our best work.  Fast forward 18 years and another project for the City of Havelock, here is what they are saying today.

“Lord & Company and staff have done an excellent job on the water treatment plant upgrades. They worked right through any problems that arose and the system works better than it ever has. I congratulate Lord & Company on an outstanding job performed for the City of Havelock.” David Hemingway

I have been in this business for 25 years and have never seen a perfect project, but when you persevere and repeat they come out win-win.  We are appreciative to our clients like the City of Havelock who have given us the chance to repeat. Thank you to Team L&C who day in and day out put in the work and persevere. You make the journey of excellence possible.

Keith Harris

Team Building 101 Outing Planned

ZmaxTeam Building

NHRA Carolina Nationals – Friday
Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC
Fri, Sep. 12, 2014 08:00 AM

Lord & Company plans to attend the upcoming NHRA Finals in Charlotte, NC on September 12th. It provides our staff with an opportunity to spend some time together outside of work. The Lord & Company Team has been working hard over the past 18 months and it is time to blow off some steam. We plan to do it Carolina Style – Lets Go Racing . . .

The best drag racers in the world will compete head-to-head in the first event of the series
Countdown to the Championship.

A special thanks goes out to Corey Barnes for coordinating the trip.

Bring your hat, sunglasses, and earplugs and join us.


Date: 7/24/14
Respectfully Submitted:
Tom Carico – PMP
Lord & Company, Inc.

We Are Re-Certified

Congratulations to our entire staff on the milestone of the recent re-certification with CSIA on November 19, 2013. L&C has been a member of CSIA since 2005 and we received certification in 2007.CSIALogo_3c_clr_000

Tech-Na-Palooza In Review – Matthew Simmons

On Saturday, December 7, 2013 I was honored to volunteer at Tech-Na-Palooza; a robotics competition that features teams of 10 or fewer children ranging between the ages of 9 and 14 that compete for first place on a designed obstacle course.  The competition took place at Guilford Technical Community College in Greensboro, NC.  In preparation for this project, the participating teams worked over the course of this previous fall on a research project the focused on the fundamentals of engineering and project management principles.  Children in each team were also exposed to teamwork principles and worked in an environment that promoted the understanding of professionalism, robotics and programming.

I spent Saturday morning serving as a field referee in which I oversaw the practice times for competing teams and guided those teams in the rules they would need to abide by for actual competition.  It was in this role I was able to intimately see the hard work these groups of children put forth and more importantly the creativity & attention to detail each group gave to their robot.  The competition course featured several objectives to which each team’s robot only had 2:30 minutes to complete.  The course was purposely designed so that every objective could not be completed within the allotted time but that each task successfully completed would generate points; therefore I got to witness first-hand the high level of strategy used by the participating teams.

In all, my mind was blown by the advanced thought process these kids publicly displayed.  What was even more enjoyable was their interest and excitement for technology as there were plenty of laughs and smiles to go around. Competitions such as Tech-Na-Palooza showcase the potential impact of early education in technology and how much sooner than later future generations of engineers will be experienced at an early age to adequately contribute to the growth and success of industrial automation and other technical fields.


Matthew Simmons

Field Service Technician

The L&C Team Continues to Grow!

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Lord & Company is happy to announce the recent additions of Matthew Simmons and Paul Wilson to our Field Service Team.  L&C is constantly searching for talented Engineers to add to our staff as we grow and expand the L&C Team.

Quote from Tom Carico regarding the recent additions to the Field Service Team – “ God continues to bless our business to grow and expand further than I could have imagined over the past years.  Matthew and Paul bring experience and are valuable assets to the company’s future.  Our Field Service Team does a great job of taking care of each client from start-up to training.”

Quote from Keith Harris regarding the recent additions to the Field Service Team.  “ We are pleased that Matthew & Paul have agreed to join the L&C Team.  This will allow L&C to better serve our clients and expand into new territories.”

Lord & Company continues to recruit talented Engineers that will help us better serve our clients.  Expanding and growing can sometimes cause pain but it lets us know that we are not stagnant.




Date: 10/17/13

Respectfully Submitted:

Tom Carico – PMP

Lord & Company, Inc.

Project Management Team Building


Tom Carico – PMP

The Lord & Company Project Management Team recently made a visit to Victory Lane Karting in Charlotte, NC for some Team Building.  The Team Building Event was fueled with fun and lots of competition.  The first race was won by Tom Carico in the number 19 Kart but that victory was overshadowed by Gary Mintz driving.  Gary dominated the competition by winning 3 straight victories and placing 2nd in the first race.   3533

Hitesh was driving smooth and finishing a solid 4th place in most races.  He did have to contend with Tom and Tyler’s rough aggressive driving in most races.  He picked up speed as he found his groove in each race.

Tyler consistently finished each race in 2nd or 3rd place.  He was racing hot and heavy with Hitesh and Tom in most of the races.  He was smooth and consistent in each race even when he got hit from behind by Tom.  Tyler could not figure out what Gary was doing and why he was so much faster each race.

Tom drove his Kart like a “bull in a china shop” and hit the wall several times each race.  There was nothing smooth about his racing line.  He started off with the 1st win but was not able to catch up with Gary’s fast laps again.

Fred was not feeling very well and he brought up 5th place for most of the races but warned that he would be looking for revenge next year when he was feeling better.  No more burritos for Fred on race day.

Everyone enjoyed spending time together and having fun while in the middle of some fierce Team Building competition.  Gary dominated and showed everyone what race kart driving was all about.


Victory Lane Karting