Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Systems

Lord & Company partners with clients to create and sustain operational water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial automation systems, and communication system networks that meet exact design specifications and stringent, evolving EPA regulations. Our industrial automation and control systems include high-quality, open-architecture hardware, user-friendly HMIs, comprehensive documentation, useful analysis for all stakeholders, and extensive service.


"The best thing about Lord & Company is that they understand their business - instrumentation. And they understand our business - municipal utilities. I can give them a rough theory of how we want to operate and they make suggestions on how to improve with little burden on us."

"I was so thankful to have Lord & Company in our corner, they could evaluate our situation and identify problems other integrators were having and solve them for us. We got our project taken care of in a few weeks rather than two years."

"Lord & Company dedicates themselves to what they agree to create. They are trustworthy and simply pleasant to work with."


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