Jackson County, NC – Holly Hills MCEWSI, Jackson County, NC

Lord & Company installed new Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) with antenna and hardware including 400MHz radios in two locations.  L&C utilized Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC as the control system hardware platform.  The Holly Hills Booster Pump Station control panel has a A-B PanelView Plus OIT.  A physical radio path study was performed to verify communications between the pump station, valve pit, and the WTP master RTU.  The outdoor RTU equipment was installed in NEMA 4X SS enclosures and the indoor equipment at the pump station in NEMA 12.  Points monitored include Pump runtime, VFD Failure, Tank Level and Water Flow.  Valve position is monitored.  Remote control of the pump and valve position is provided via the radio system.  A Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter provides tank level at the pump station.  The existing SCADA system was modified to poll the pump station and valve pit, log data, and display pump station and valve status and alarms.