CSIA and Lord & Company’s Commitment to Excellence

CSIA Certification is a program of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). It is a certification uniquely designed for control system integrators. Lord & Company has been a member since 2005 and became a certified member in December of 2007. L&C received re-certification in 2010 and again in 2013. The audit to achieve certification verifies business practices and is available only to CSIA members.

Why is CSIA Certification a good thing for our clients?

Because CSIA Certification indicates that we comply with CSIA’s Best Practices in the following areas of our business:

         - General Management

         - Human Resources Management

         - Financial Management

         - Marketing, Business Development and Sales Management

         - Project Management

         - System Development Lifecycle

         - Supporting Activities

         - Quality Assurance Management

         - Service and Support

  Because an audit is required every three years to assure we continue to meet these standards

  Because CSIA Certification removes the burden from the client of auditing the business practices of the system integrator. Good business practices are as

     critical for success as technical capabilities.

  Because having a CSIA Certification program for control system integrators is like requiring licenses for doctors, certification for accountants, and licenses for plumbers & electricians. You’re more likely to get good results when your service provider has proper credentials.

  Because, in summary, working with a CSIA Certified company reduces the risk of project failure and increases the probability of success!

CSIA Certification is a demonstration of Lord & Company’s commitment to meet the highest standards for business and management. We believe technical proficiency alone is not enough. To grow and sustain a successful systems integration company that meets clients’ current and future requirements, integrators need to develop good business and management skills in addition to technical knowledge and abilities.


"The best thing about Lord & Company is that they understand their business - instrumentation. And they understand our business - municipal utilities. I can give them a rough theory of how we want to operate and they make suggestions on how to improve with little burden on us."

"I was so thankful to have Lord & Company in our corner, they could evaluate our situation and identify problems other integrators were having and solve them for us. We got our project taken care of in a few weeks rather than two years."

"Lord & Company dedicates themselves to what they agree to create. They are trustworthy and simply pleasant to work with."


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