L&C Continues to Improve Upon Electronic Documents

Lord & Company has a long history of creativity, so to no one’s surprise we continue to improve upon the standards created in 1982.


Lord & Company was one of the first System Integrators in our market to use electronic documents; if not the first.  We were able to see the advantages of electronic documents and leverage them in our market.  At first championing electronic documentation appeared to be an uphill battle. Over the course of time L&C continued to educate and show the advantages of electronic documentation. This is now recognized  by end users, contractors, and engineers.  The tide has turned and we see our market not only accepting electronic documents but preferring them.


So Lord & Company announces our new Electronic Document Holder. The new document holder highlights Lord & Company’s strengths in the market.  The New Electronic Document Holder has received high reviews from our clients.  Some of the comments; “Very Professional”, “Looks Great”, “The best looking that I have seen..” just to mention a few.


Lord & Company continues to improve upon established standards, so that we are able to adjust, change, and improve.  Our adaptability allows Lord & Company to do custom work across many new markets.


Lord & Company sends a special thanks to Ben Huffstickler – Design Team Member; Carrie Missaggia – Graphic Artist. They are the key personnel who worked on the New Electronic Document Holder.


Lord & Company has always taken pride in our documentation and we believe that it has been a key to our success in the market place.  Change seems to be a way of life in our market. We must always seek to be in front of the change by planning, preparing and listening to our clients and those around us.


I appreciate you taking the time to read about another Lord & Company success story. I need to leave for now and head to a Brain Storming Meeting that could just be the next LC success story.


Respectfully Submitted:

Tom Carico – PMP

Lord & Company, Inc.  CD Holder