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Project Management Team Building


Tom Carico – PMP

The Lord & Company Project Management Team recently made a visit to Victory Lane Karting in Charlotte, NC for some Team Building.  The Team Building Event was fueled with fun and lots of competition.  The first race was won by Tom Carico in the number 19 Kart but that victory was overshadowed by Gary Mintz driving.  Gary dominated the competition by winning 3 straight victories and placing 2nd in the first race.   3533

Hitesh was driving smooth and finishing a solid 4th place in most races.  He did have to contend with Tom and Tyler’s rough aggressive driving in most races.  He picked up speed as he found his groove in each race.

Tyler consistently finished each race in 2nd or 3rd place.  He was racing hot and heavy with Hitesh and Tom in most of the races.  He was smooth and consistent in each race even when he got hit from behind by Tom.  Tyler could not figure out what Gary was doing and why he was so much faster each race.

Tom drove his Kart like a “bull in a china shop” and hit the wall several times each race.  There was nothing smooth about his racing line.  He started off with the 1st win but was not able to catch up with Gary’s fast laps again.

Fred was not feeling very well and he brought up 5th place for most of the races but warned that he would be looking for revenge next year when he was feeling better.  No more burritos for Fred on race day.

Everyone enjoyed spending time together and having fun while in the middle of some fierce Team Building competition.  Gary dominated and showed everyone what race kart driving was all about.


Victory Lane Karting