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DRACS-OIT Package released

Lord & Company has just released a new product; the DRACS-OIT; the product came from Tyler Lee’s vision to take the DRACS-RTU product and to make a simple well packaged Operator Interface that could be used on new projects as well as previous projects.  The OIT in the front of a RTU has been a vulnerable Achilles Heel for most RTU’s.  If there was an issue with the OIT down the road the new OIT would not fit the existing hole.  Another issue was having to install a dead front kit in a larger RTU could be a pain and if it was mounted on the front of the RTU at a remote location it could be considered a good shooting target.

We feel that having (2) two separate products is a better solution for clients (DRACS-RTU plus DRACS-OIT) and it allows us to install this product on existing applications as well as new applications.  The DRACS-OIT is small and can be possible located in a better location for the operator in lieu of the RTU.  You may want to mount the RTU inside the building and the DRACS-OIT near the door of a remote pump station for easy access.

Check out the L&C QR code in the bottom right hand side on the 1st page of the literature.  You can download a free QR scanner to your android or Apple iOS device.  Scan the QR code and it takes you directly to the L&C website.

Thanks to everyone on the L&C Team who contributed with ideas and suggestions to help create this product. 


Tom Carico, PMP

Project Manager